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September, 2010 — Be There (Radio Edit) released by 272 Records on their Acoustika Vol. 23 compilation CD (more...).

May 31, 2010 — Gavin reaches semi-finals in the 2010 UK Songwriting Contest with three songs...



Gavin Atkins

RecordsGavin is a Sydney based independent songwriter, poet and storyteller. His songs are created from a beautiful blend of poetic lyrics and a warm, emotive vocal style entwined with finger-picked acoustic guitar.

Gavin's focus is on writing and studio performing and he is currently working on a project called 'Lost Boys'.

As a songwriter, he has achieved multiple semi-finalist positions in the UK Songwriting Contest each year since 2007. That was the year that he relaunched his music career after a successful ten-year period of non-music business traveling extensively from the UK, through the USA and finally to Australia — the place he feels is home.

As an author, his self-published parody of Homer's 'The Odyssey' called 'A Lover's Odyssey' captures the romantic tale of his 27-year journey in search of true love. The book is unique in that the poetic story entwines with the music from the album of the same name.

Be There (Radio Edit) was selected for release on 272 Records' Acoustika Vol. 23 compilation in September 2010.

One of the tracks from the album A Lover's Odyssey (Wilderness) was also chosen to be included on the Goa Chillout Zone volume 2 compilation CD released in August 2009 by WOA Records in India.

Until 1997, Gavin performed solo and with Estimated Prophet in the UK's New Forest folk scene.