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Acoustika Vol. 23 CD

September, 2010 — Be There (Radio Edit) released by 272 Records on their Acoustika Vol. 23 compilation CD (more...).



Be There

Be There single(Viewing lyrics requires Adobe Reader)

Track List

  1. Be There (Radio Edit)
  2. Be There (Instrumental Radio Edit)
  3. Be There
  4. Be There (Instrumental)

Be There is the first single from the forthcoming album Lost Boys. Be There blends his folk-rock acoustic guitar and warm, emotive vocal style with more alternative-genre influences à la Coldplay and Radiohead. It was release on iTunes and CDBaby (digital only) in March 2009 and is currently playing on Jango internet radio station.

A limited number of physical CDs were also pressed. These are available direct from Gavin's on-line store (free with A Lover's Odyssey).

A Lover's Odyssey

Track list

  1. The Bird Lady
  2. A Lover's Journey
  3. Love Only Happens
  4. Letting Go (Forever)
  5. Annie
  6. I Always Knew
  7. Wilderness
  8. Trapped By A Love
  9. I Only Hope
  10. Still Laughing
  11. Dream Flight
  12. Can't Be Denied

Gavin's first solo album, A Lover's Odyssey, embellishes a contemporary folk/rock style with an emotive story that tells of Gavin's 27-year journey from first love, through lost virginity and on in search of true love, told through the eyes of Odysseus.

Described by Cliff Goldmacher (Music Producer, New York and Nashville) as...

“... well-written, tastefully produced and [the music] complements the book/story beautifully”

A Lover's Odyssey is pretty unusual for the work of an independent artist. Cliff's remark is attested by the fact that 10 of the 12 tracks from Lover's Odyssey reached the semifinals of the 2008 UK Songwriting Contest. But perhaps the most unusual point of this album is the fact that it was released not just as a CD but also as a book.

As a beautiful casebound 100 page poetic love story, each chapter concludes with a song from the CD (included). It is adorned by a colour section that provides a gallery of the Greek gods from Homer's The Odyssey, the story which bears many similarities to Gavin's own journey through life and so inspired him.

Why not read the first chapter (requires Adobe Reader).

Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 2

Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 2 Compilation CD

W.O.A. Records

The W.O.A Records album Goa Chillout Zone Vol. 2, which includes Gavin's 'Wilderness', was released in India in August and is available on iTunes.